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Quartz Geodes that have been split into two respective halves revealing the quartz crystal inside the geode cavity. The white quartz crystals is the natural quartz colouration. More recently quartz geode suppliers have been colour enhancing the quartz to emulate other gems and crystals such as amethyst rose quartz and turquoise. These white quartz geodes are the natural un dyed colour. Please note you receive both halves – the complete geode.

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Quartz Geodes can form in any cavity, but the term is usually reserved for more or less rounded formations in igneous and sedimentary rocks. They can form in gas bubbles in igneous rocks, such as vesicles in basaltic lavas, or as in the American Midwest, rounded cavities in sedimentary formations. After rock around the cavity hardens, dissolved silicates and/or carbonates are deposited on the inside surface. Over time, this slow feed of mineral constituents from groundwater or hydrothermal solutions allows crystals to form inside the hollow chamber ultimately forming the quartz geodes. Bedrock containing quartz geodes eventually weathers and decomposes, leaving them present at the surface if they are composed of resistant material such as quartz.

Sizing information: Approx diametre 90mm up to 120mm


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