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Goniatite fossil pendants


Goniatite Fossil pendants, with beautiful markings showing the goniatites internal chambers imprinted in brown fossil marble approx 390 million years old.

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These fossil pendants are made from Goniatites, which were ammonoid cephalopods from the Order Goniatiida, derived from the more primitive Anarcestida during the Middle Devonian some 390 million years ago. Goniatites (goniatitida) survived the Late Devonian extinction to flourish during the Carboniferous and Permian only to become extinct at the end of the Permian some 139 million years later. These fossil pendants are essentially the fossilised markings of the goniatites left in 390 million year old fossil marble.

Typically sized 30-40 mm, with hypoallergenic pinch bail. Not supplied with cord but please see our range of inexpensive necklace cords and chains.


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