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Gemstone Candle holders


Gemstone candle holders in a variety of gemstones primarily designed for T-lights although can be used as a generic gemstone candle holder. Please note with the possible exceptions of the quartz and the fluorite the stones are not particularly translucent in nature and are not designed with the intention of the light from the candle shining through the sides.

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Gemstone candle holders drilled with a T-light sized hole. These gemstone candle holders come in a variety of gemstones and make a great gift and enhances the ambiance of any room. The quartz and fluorite gemstone candle holders have a high polish finish whereas the rest of the gemstone candle holders listed are in the rough exposing the beauty of the natural gemstone.

Sizing Information:

  • Fluorite Approx 8cm x 6cm
  • Sodalite Approx 8cm x 8cm x 6cm
  • Aventurine Approx 8cm x 8cm x 6cm
  • Quartz Cluster Approx 16cm x 12cm x 8cm
  • Quartz Point Approx 12cm x 8cm x 7cm
  • Rose Quartz Approx 8cm x 8cm x 6cm


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Additional information

Weight 1.65 kg
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 15 cm

Aventurine, Fluorite, Quartz Cluster, Sodalite, rose quartz, quartz point