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Tumbled gemstones


A selection of tumbled gemstones from our infamous barrel scratch patch. If you have a preference for colours or stones we will do our best to pick out a bias but please note in the main you will receive a random selection, if you know the shop you will have a good idea of the stones you will receive (see product description for more details)

Generic Product - please read
Please note this is a generic item, this means rather than listing individual products which takes huge resources, we list and photograph one generic item that best describes the product you will receive. We appreciate online shopping requires trust and we want to assure you that the item you receive will be of at least identical value & quality & size to the one shown in the picture.

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Our mix of tumbled gemstones includes magnesite, limestone, rose quartz, milky quartz, aventurine, carnelian, agate, serpentine, leopard stone, unakite, jasper, red jasper, feldspar, dumortierite , and quite possibly a few others i’ve forgotten to list. We cannot guarantee you will receive an example of each one of our tumbled gemstones, instead you will receive a random mix. Random is half the fun!

How are they made?
Typically, a full tumble polish from rough rock to polish takes between 3–5 weeks, and is done in a minimum of 3 steps. Initially, the rocks are smoothed with a coarse grit (such as 60-90 mesh). This is followed by washing and then a stage of finer grits (120-220 then 400-600 mesh), before the (optional) use of a pre-polishing compound (1200 grit), a washing cycle with detergent to remove any grit on the stones. The final step is a polishing stage using powdered polish, (such as cerium oxide or tin oxide), water, and often small plastic pellets that are designed to cushion the stones as they tumble (so as not to cause chipping) and carry the polish evenly across the stones.

Quantity information:

  • Our standard £1.50 bag roughly 5 -10 stones
  • 1/2 kg visualise a half pint glass full
  • 1kg visualise a pint glass full
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