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Fossil Fish Knightia / Diplomystus Fish


Fossil Knightia fish herald from the Eocene epoch around 40 million years ago. It's habitat would have been fresh water lakes and rivers. It is distantly related to herrings and sardines.

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Within the Green River Formation of southwest Wyoming in the area known as Fossil Lake, two distinct zones of very fine-grained lime muds are particularly noted for preserving a variety of complete and detailed fossils. These layers are an Eocene Lagerstätte, a rare place where conditions were right for a rich accumulation of undisturbed fossils. The most productive zone—called the split fish layer—consists of a series of laminated or varved lime muds about 6 ft (1.8 m) thick, which contains abundant fish and other fossils.

These are easily split along the layers to reveal the fossils. This thin zone represents some 4000 years of deposition. The second fossil zone, the 18 inch layer, is an unlaminated layer about 18 in (46 cm) thick that also contains abundant detailed fossils, but is harder to work because it is not composed of fissile laminae.
Watching the preparation of these fossils is an incredible thing, first the delicate splitting of the slab and then the fine detailed scraping to reveal the detailed outline of the fossil fish, the detail can be so preserved and perfect that the fish can look painted on. Undoubtedly in some circles this can happen but rest assured we only stock the genuine article.

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