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Fossil Bookends round cut


Fossil marble bookends. Each bookend is carved out of 400 million year old fossil marble and carved in such a way as to highlight a particular fossil as a center piece for each half of the bookend, the surrounding marble is worked decoratively and reveals further fossil markings within the rock. These make wonderful gifts and these smaller ones are better on shipping rates

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Fossil bookends are made from beautiful fossil marble from the Atlas Mountains, Erfoud, Morocco which shows a variety of long extinct marine life most noticeably the pencil squid creatures ‘othoceras nautaloids’ and the predecessors of ammonites ‘Goniotites’. Depending on the exact area mined the marble ranges from black and white to rusty red and brown. Largely our stock will be the black and white variety unless otherwise listed. Fossil bookend types are divided into those that display orthoceras nautaloids or Goniotites. There are also variations in styles and sizes which we will list when we have them in stock.

Sizing information: each half bookend approx. 12 high x 7.5 wide x 4.5 cm deep.


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Nautaloid, Goniatite